Friday, October 7, 2011

Smother layer over grass--prep for permanent bed

Kris asks:

I heard the show today and the concept for the second time, so am really ready to go!  I did a version of this with my ongoing compost in a tiny raised bed last year and my tomatoes reseeded themselves and are also 7 feet high.  Amazing.

My question, next year, we are planting a privacy break in the corner of a small lot.  If I do the lasagne technique in preparation, can it go right over the existing grass?  I assume so, but just wanted to know. 

Thanks for your work.


I agree, it is amazing and great fun to have such healthy plants!!!--with little work.

Yes, lasagna gardens can always go right over the existing vegetation.  That is the purpose of the smother layer, to kill what is below it.

I love to do a lasagna garden as prep for a perennial bed.  It kills all the weeds and enriches the soil.  After a few months of the growing season, when all plants below are dead, you can start to plant perennials and shrubs right into the ground.

With this technique, the lasagna mulch does not have to be as deep.  You can do a smother layer and 6" of wood mulch and after a few months start to plant down into the soil.

Good luck,


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