Sunday, October 9, 2011

How Mulch is Too Mulch?

I am on vacation in northern WI this week, in Door County tonight.  Today, while in Appleton area, a landscaping company had dyed wood mulch out front, near the road.

It was ROYAL BLUE!!!  I am not a huge fan of dyed wood mulch--but much of the red, grey to black are dyed with iron oxide dyes.  These earth tones can look nice in the landscape, and some people really like the dyed mulch.

But for me, Royal Blue is going too far.  I immediately pictured it around a blue swimming pool or Culver's.

But, if Royal Blue mulch gets someone to stop having some lawn and put in some flowers or food plants--then it may be a gain.


  1. Maybe they're Tennessee fans?

  2. Amy, does Tennessee have a lot of swimming pools?

    In WI, when cut, we bleed RED and Cheddar(Gold)!!! So I know you are not suggesting someone in WI would be bold enough to put a dyed mulch around that is in support of a sports team that is not RED, GOLD or Green (sounds like a song).

    A Nativity Scene with Cheddar heads on Mary, Jospeh and the Wisemen would be less offensive than blue mulch in support of Tenn. Actually, a Nativity Scene with Cheddar Heads on would probalby make a pic in the local paper--in support of the new accessories.

    But blue mulch in support of Tenn would probably end up with a football burned in the mulch.