Friday, October 7, 2011

Indian Summer Tomatoes

If your tomato plants did not get killed by the first few frost, you probably have some green and blushing tomatoes out in the garden.

Before the next hard frost, I pick the blushing tomatoes and green tomatoes with decent size.  Then I put them in cardboard boxes, one layer deep.  Put the boxes in the basement, or some not hot place.  Close the tops or put a few sheets of newspaper on top of the tomatoes.  They do not need light to ripen.  They need their own gas to help them ripen.

Check them every few days. They will ripen over the next month.  They will not taste as good as summer tomatoes--But they will taste better than store tomatoes--and you already have them for free.

Fresh eating, they are ok.  For cooking--they are great!!!

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