Friday, October 7, 2011

Putting the Lasagna Garden to Bed in Fall

Putting the Lasagna Garden to Bed in Fall

Yes, I just bury all old plant material--tomato blight, powdery mildew and ALL!!!!

You need to bring in at least 12" of new mulch and bury everything.  Think about fungi a bit and their life cycle.  Drying and UV light kill spores.  Moist and dark is good storage for fungi spores.  Till them into the ground this fall, for good storage and till them up in the spring for good inoculation--if you want that same fungi disease again!!!

Bury those MILLIONS of spores under 12 inches of mulch never to see the light of day again and in a rich microbial and bug world--they are more likely to get eaten and out competed in the mulch.  Plus, they will not be brought to the surface in the spring.

Read my Tomato Blight Prevention handout for more on Tomato Blight prevention and my ideas.

Yes, my fall clean up is that easy.  Knock it down and bury it all.  In the spring, it will be mostly moist.  Maybe water a few times and you are ready to plant into a weed free garden for the entire growing season.

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