Friday, October 7, 2011

Mulching containers and using wet wood pellets

Dana asks:

What are your thoughts about wood pellets that got wet and are now sawdust, to mulch containers?
I only do container gardening and don't even know if they need to be mulched...I just got some twice crushed wood mulch from a local it makes me think wet wood pellets would work also. What do you think?
Loved the Larry Meillor show today..thanks Dana


You hit one of my favorite points.  Yes, I believe containers should be mulched!!!  Two big challenges with contains:  watering and high soil temps!

Mulch retains moisture and evens soil temps. 

I have a handout here about mulching.  The smaller the particles of mulch, the deeper the mulch needs to be, to slow the wicking process. 

Yes, sawdust and wood pellets that got wet, will work fine for mulching containers, just needs to be deep enough.   If  it is only 1 to 2" deep it could actually make drying happen faster, as it can work like a wick, then.

You could put the wet pellets down and then 1/2 to inch of shredded mulch on top, that is more course. 

Good thinking to reuse something that got "broken" for the intended purpose.

Happy Gardening,


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