Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Planting in a Deep Mulch Garden

Dan asks:

Late last summer i started this type of garden, over my existing garden, using layers of newspaper, grass clippings, and leaves this past fall. One question is when i plant plants like tomatoes i remove the bottom leaves and lay the plant on its side. Do i dig the hole and plant it all the way down to the initial soil or not that deep? Also do i ever till this new part up, or just keep adding to it?

 Also will you be in the Milwaukee area in the near future?

My thoughts:

Watch the video from The Wisconsin Gardener.  The link is here. 

You plant just a few inches down into the damp mulch--not down to the soil.

You never till again.  You just keep adding mulch year after year.  Fall clean-up is the easiest--you just pile leaves on top of all the dead plants.

I don't have any scheduled talks in Milwaukee, but if you are part of a group or club that would like to sponsor me to come to Milwaukee, please get in touch with me.

Happy Gardening,


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  1. That looks like a great garden. There did you get the mulch (munster). I want a garden like this.