Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Build a deep mulch garden with compost and wood chips--how long to planting?

Deb asks:

My husband and I moved last summer and we didn't have time to put in a garden.  I want to start off on the right foot this year.  He's wanting to buy tillers and I said, let's not and do it this way!  We have a great established grape arbor and many apple trees.  I can't wait to have a garden too but time is a factor since we both work.  This sounds like the best solution to all!  I'm excited.  Since I didn't start my mulching in the fall will I still be able to plant this year in this fashion?

My thoughts:


That is nice to have some established fruit in place. 

If you follow the directions--I think you will be quite happy come June, July, August and September.

Yes, you can build the gardens this spring and plant this growing season.  It takes 2 to 3 weeks to get all the materials rehydrated, then as soon as it is cool, you can plant.

One option, I forgot to mention on the show, you could build the lasagna/deep mulch garden with purchased compost and put a top layer on of old hay, straw or 3-4" of wood mulch.  With compost as the base, you can plant the same day or one or two days after watering, depending on how damp the compost is.  This finished compost only needs to be about 12" deep at installation.

I would recommend 8 to 10" of compost and a couple layers of leaves, straw or wood chips in the compost, so it is not too rich in Nitrogen.

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