Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Deep mulch garden install in spring

Dietrich asks:

I'm inspired by your work, and especially delighted to learn about lasagna gardening, which, once you see what it is, seems like such a logical approach.  Question:  If I do it right away, is it too late to have a lasagna patch ready for spring, or say late spring (May) planting?  I would be able to put hay and composted material on top of the cardboard base.

I hope to be able to attend your March 3 all day session at Olbrich.

My thoughts:

Thanks Dietrich.  I agree--it does seem really logical, once you understand the process. 

I recommend waiting until the ground is thawed in spring, before putting down a lasagna/deep mulch garden.  All the materials in the deep mulch garden are basically cellulose insulation--we don't want a garden on top of an ice-cube.

So, mid to late March you can do an new garden installation, and still plant for this season.  Once it is installed, be diligent about watering.  It will take 2 to 4 weeks of almost daily watering, at first, to get it wet through and through.  Water up to 1 inch a day for the first week.  Then dig in 5 to 6 places and see how wet things are getting.  The adjust your watering pattern, based on how wet things are getting.


You can cover the garden with a plastic sheet or tarp between waterings.  This will reduce evaporation and speed the process.

Yes, you can still install a deep mulch garden plant it this spring.  Good luck.

Hope to see you at Olbrich Gardens March 3rd.

Happy Gardening,


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