Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lasgana Garden--what to do after growing season and to expand....

Hi Roger,

I just wanted to say thanks for the directions you sent last year.
I tried just a small area of about 8 x 8. It worked fabulously and I want to expand more this year.
I just wanted to check about what to do the second year. If I'm reading the directions correctly I should skip the cardboard and just mulch on top of whatever is left from last year up to 24 ".
Is that correct???

Thanks again for the great tip.


Hi Ann,

Thanks for the feedback.  That is great to hear.  Yes, it is simple, if you just do it by the directions. Congratulations on yoru success.

The smother/cardboard layer is to kill the existing vegetation.  If you have not let perennials weeds grow in the lasagna mulch, like quack grass or creeping charlie, no smother layer is needed for the established area.

If you plan to expand that area, you need to do a smother layer on the new area, and try to get some smother layer under the edge of the existing lasagna garden so quack  grass and creeping charlie don't come through there.

Good luck,


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