Saturday, April 9, 2011

Where is Roger?

Hi All,

I will return soon.  I was hit by a bad cold that lasted 3 weeks.  Plus, the Southwest WI School and Community Demonstration Garden project exploded in a great way.

We were looking for 10 to 15 participating sites for this growing season.  There are a few still seeking admin approvals.  We will have between 25 to 30 participating sites. 

I have been really busy working to get them all up to speed to understand the project and get admin approvals.

I will be back to your questions and posting here by next Wednesday.

Oh yeah, another huge item that I should mention.  A marketing entrepreneur has approached me to work with him in the DeKalb, Ill and great Chicago area to start a landscaping business installing deep mulch food gardens in the area.  This is very exciting and was not in my to do list until early March.  We are looking to do installations and planted gardens for this growing season.  A pretty fast business start-up!!!

That's the news and where I have been.  I will be back mid-week. 

I have lots of questions to answer and some exciting events and gardens to tell you about.

Compost Happens,


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