Thursday, March 3, 2011

Up and coming--Starting to GROW

My seeds are starting to take root.  I have been working to become an educator in sustainable gardening for a few years.  If you have heard me talk, you know I am passionate and have a philosophy of "LESS WORK--MORE PRODUCE!!!''  and I know now to do it.   The pictures are real.

If you have heard me talk, you know I throw a lot of info at you in as much time as I have and I talk fast to get as much in as possible. 

Good News, in the next few months the following will be added to this site or a new website that you will be directed to from here.

more speaking engagements
audio recordings of my presentations, downloadable
slide shows to go with the audio recording, downloadable
Workshops where we will be doing installations and plantings

20 to 30 page booklets to go with each presentations.

If all that goes well--in about a year---A BOOK!!!

Happy day to all of you,


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